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Our vision is derived from our passion for what we do. You will, of course, get to know and appreciate our vision as we get to know each other.

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While the potential profitability and growth of your business depends on what you put into it, the actual profitability and growth of the business will be determined by the things that constrain your return on that investment. Now, you can call these constraints risks or many other names, but you have to do just one thing; and that is get rid of the constraints, quickly. Because, only when you eliminate your constrains will your actual success rise to the level of your potential.
So, the only way to turn your potential for success into actual success is to blow away the constraints that block your path to success.
5wh Forensic Audit (“5wh”) is a dynamic, relationship-oriented professional services company that provides the following solutions to business challenges:

  • Internal Audits
  • Forensic Audits
  • Compliance Audits
  • Internal Control Systems Development and Reviews
  • Business Risk and Corporate Advisory Services
  • Due Diligence Investigations

We work with business owners and leaders who are set on blowing away those constraints blocking their way to success. We will also assist you isolate hidden economic assets in your business and determine specific projects to optimize and leverage those assets for greater profit and growth.


what we offer

Internal Audit

Internal auditing is an independent appraisal function which performs the services of examining and evaluating an organisation’s activities.
We Have Our Own 5wh Entity Level Internal Audit Methodology

Forensic Audit

Forensic Audit is an examination of evidence regarding an assertion to determine its correspondence to established criteria in a manner suitable to a Court of law.
Investigate first – then act

Compliance Audit

Compliance Audit is the independent assessment of the conformity of any activity, process, deliverable, product or service with the criteria of specified laws, rules, standards, contracts, best practice or other documented requirements.
Let the Experts do it for You

Business Systems/Internal Controls

Internal control is the means by which you marshal your organisation's resources to achieve your objectives.
Are You Being Served

Due Diligence Investigation

A “Due Diligence” investigation is a careful and methodical investigation of an entity or person. It is done prior to doing business with them.
Who are You Jumping into Bed With

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With our experience and expertise, we listen and serve you. We are responsive i.e. we react timeously to your needs, tackling your vexing questions: what - when – where – who- why – how?


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Internal Audit

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Forensic Audit?

    "Forensic Auditing" is an examination of evidence regarding an assertion to determine its correspondence to established criteria in a manner suitable to a Court of law. At 5wh, we investigate first – then act which is the logical thing to do and in Zimbabwe this is what the law (Labour Relations Act [Chapter 28:01]) requires. If you suspect that your organisation is the target of financial crime you will need fast professional support to help you take action. We have experienced fraud investigators with competencies in accounting, the law and criminal justice processes.
    Competent and Experienced Financial Investigation
    We examine the operations that are potentially affected and analyse the related flows of cash and goods. If our work confirms your suspicions, we will draw up alternative courses of action and advise you on their implementation. You can rely on our discretion, and on the integrity of our staff.
    Offenders often also exploit the complexity of IT systems, which can result in serious damage to your organisation. Our specialists find and preserve the traces left by the offender. We work with you to devise effective strategies to protect your organisation against fraud. We also provide assistance in the implementation of these strategies.
    Asset Tracing
    When your organisation has lost assets as a result of criminal acts, we help you to identify, trace and recover your property. We assist you in detecting fraud and other financial offences and develop alternatives for minimizing the damage caused.
    Fraud is a manageable risk.

  • Does your system of internal control help you to exploit your opportunities as well as manage the risks of doing the things you do?
    Is it able to detect errors and fraud in sufficient time for you to take appropriate action?
    Can you quantify the effectiveness of your controls?
    Do you have just enough controls - not too many and not too few?
    If the answer to any of these questions is "no", or you do not know, you need to talk to us.
    Risk assessment: We will assess the structure of your internal control system and recommend areas for improvement. We will pay attention to the processes by which you establish, monitor and improve your system.
    Design and implementation: Following the structural assessment, we can assist you to implement our recommendations. We can also assist you to design and implement a new internal control system from scratch. In short, we assist you in determining the scope and fitness of your Internal Control System such that it enables you to meet your business and regulatory requirements.

  • Assessing compliance may be simple, requiring a brief inspection to find out whether rules were followed or not. At the other extreme, it may require extensive research of statutory, regulatory and other requirements. Whatever the level of requirement, let us be there to assist you. Audits, in general, are also valuable in identifying areas for continuous improvement and planning.

  • A “Due Diligence” investigation is a careful and methodical investigation of an entity or person. It is done prior to doing business with them. It is appropriate for different types of partners and partnerings which include:

    • Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, Strategic Partnerships.
    • Business Partnerships and Alliances, Partnering Agreements, Business Coalitions.
    • Just In Time Suppliers and Relationships, Sole Source Suppliers, Outsourcing Arrangements, Suppliers and Customers.
    • Technology and Product Licensing, Joint Development Agreements, Technology Sharing and Cross Licensing Agreements.
    • Business Partners, Affiliates, Franchisees and Franchisers.
    • Value Added Remarketers and Resellers, Value Added Dealers, Distribution Relationships.

  • Our objective is to assist you in the effective discharge of your responsibilities and to monitor and promote effective control at reasonable cost. To this end, we furnish you with analyses, appraisals, recommendations, advice, and information concerning the activities reviewed. We also train your staff and share knowledge and experience with you.
    To facilitate objectivity, independence is essential to an audit function. We would not accept an assignment if our independence was impaired in any way.

  • Since each forensic audit assignment is unique, the actualapproach adopted and the procedures performed will be specific to eachassignment. Therefore, there ‘s no standard fee as each assignment isunique. What we do is meet with the prospective client to know about theissues. We call this a scoping meeting. Thereafter we determine the skillsrequirements, costs involved and the timeframes. That’s when we can quote.If the quoted fee appears to be beyond the prospect’s budget and they reallyneed our services, we can discuss and revise the scope to meet their budget.

  • The procedures that we perform do not constitute a Financial Statement audit in terms of Generally Accepted Auditing Standards andaccordingly no audit opinion will be expressed, nor should such an opinion be inferred. Generally, below are the various standards and frameworks that our forensicaudit methodology is based on:
    ASTM E860 - Standard Practice for Examining and Preparing Items That Are or May Become Involved In • Criminal or Civil Litigation.
    ASTM E678 - Standard Practice for Evaluation of Scientific or Technical Data.
    COSO - Internal Control – Integrated Framework. • IIA Practice Advisory 2320-2 - Root Cause Analysis.
    IIA Practice Advisory 2130-1 - Assessing the Adequacy of Control Processes.
    IIA Practice Advisory 2130.A1-1 – Information Reliability and Integrity.
    ISRS 4400 - International Standard on Related Services applicable to agreed-upon procedures engagement.
    ISA 330 - Understanding the Entity and Its Environment and Assessingthe Risks of Material Misstatement.
    ISQC1 - International Standard on Quality Control 1.
    • Certified Fraud Examiners Code of Professional Standards as well as the Code of Professional Standards of the Professional Associations to which our staff members fall under.


Meet the team

Nyaradzai Pangeti


Caleb Mutsumba


Charles Pangeti


Our Skillset

Nyaradzai Pangeti

Nyaradzai is a Criminologist with a unique combination of Legal and Criminology training and research methodology experience. She obtained her degrees - Bachelor of Arts (BA) English Literature, (minor LLB) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Criminology and Criminal Justice - from the University of Cape Town.
Nyaradzai enjoys investigation work and she has the requisite skills. Through her South African post-graduate work experience as a research assistant for Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre, the Centre of Criminology, and Institute of Security Studies, Nnayi has acquired both theoretical and practical knowledge on conducting thorough research. She is familiar with most of the research methods used in qualitative and quantitative research.
She has worked as a Community Service Officer in the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs where she gained experience in interviewing offenders.

Caleb Mutsumba

Caleb is a Registered Public Accountant with experience in:
•  Corporate Investigations and Forensic Auditing,
•  Fraud Risk Management,
•  Internal Auditing,
•  Business Risk Advisory,
•  Criminal Justice processes.
Caleb is a former CID Fraud Squad detective who has more than twenty years experience in fraud investigations. Upon leaving the Internal Audit department of a major commercial bank in 2001, Caleb joined Ernst & Young to head the newly formed Forensics Department. He left Ernst & Young in 2007 to start 5wh.
Throughout his career, Caleb has had a substantial portfolio of public and private sector clients of all sizes, operating in all sectors in Southern Africa.

Charles Pangeti

Charles has a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Information Technology degree. He has over six years of financial management and internal audit work experience in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Sierra Leone. During his career he has gained experience in dealing with a range of clients from different backgrounds at all levels.
Charles’ key skills are:
Internal Auditing
Forensic Auditing
Financial Systems reviews
Donor Grant Financial Reporting
Management Accounts
Budgeting and Variance Analysis
Cash-flow forecasting

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